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GATE EE 2022 : Network Theory Quiz 3

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Question 1

Consider the following statements:

(i) Two ideal current sources cannot be connected in series.

(ii) Active element has ability to deliver power for infinite duration.

(iii) Voltage & current source are active elements.

(iv) Series resonance circuit is called current rejector circuit.

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 2

AC current cannot be measured directly by

Question 3

A 3-ϕ Voltage source with line voltage of 120 Vrms is used to drive a balanced delta connected load consisting of 3 impedances each with ZL = (12 + j9) Ω through a set of power lines each of which has an impedance of (1 + j0.5) Ω. The power delivers to the load is ______.

Question 4

A Balanced abc- sequence, Y-connected source with Van = 10010° V is connected to a Δ-connected balanced load of (8 + j4)Ω per phase. Calculate the line ‘a’ current in the load.

Question 5

Two balanced 3-φ, star connected system are interconnected as shown in figure:

Question 6

The set of 3 equal resistors, each of value R Ω, are connected in star across R-Y-B as shown in figure & consumes the same power as the unbalanced connected load. Find the value of resistor R?

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