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GATE EC : Digital Circuits Champion Quiz 3

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Question 1

Consider the given circuit,
In this circuit, the race around

Question 2

The output of a 3-stage Johnson (twisted-ring) counter is fed to a digital-to-analog (D/A) converter as shown in the figure below. Assume all states of the counter to be unset initially. The waveform which represents the D/A converter output V0 is

Question 3

The function of a strobe function in digital system is

Question 4

Following shift register is initially loaded with the bit pattern “1010”. After how many clock cycles will the content of shift register be “1010” again?

Question 5

A master slave flip-flop has the characteristic that

Question 6

Two D-flip-flops, as shown below, are to be connected as a synchronous counter that goes through the following Q1 Q0 sequence
00 01 11 10 00 ……..
The input D0 and D1 respectively should be connected as

Question 7

For each of the positive edge-triggered J-K flip flop used in the following figure, the propagation delay is ΔT

Which of the following waveforms correctly represents the output at Q1?

Question 8

The present output Qn of an edge triggered JK flip-flop is logic 0. If J=1, then Qn +1

Question 9

Refer to the NAND and NOR latches shown in the figure. The inputs (P1, P2) for both the latches are first made (0, 1) and then, after a few seconds, made (1, 1). The corresponding stable outputs (Q1, Q2) are

Question 10

For the circuit shown, the counter state (Q1 Q0) follows the sequence
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