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GATE EC 2022: Digital Circuits Quiz 7

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Question 1

An 8 bit successive approximation analog to digital converter has full scale reading of 2.55 V and its conversion time for an analog input of 1V is 20μs. The conversion for a 2V input will be

Question 2

An 8 bit DAC an output voltage of 2.0 V for input code of 1111 0001. The voltage of Vo for input code of 11110111 would be

Question 3

Current I through resistance r in the circuit shown below is,

Question 4

Consider the system shown in below figure,

The input to the system is two digit BCD, which is converted into binary and then with the help of DAC binary value is converted into analog output. The Output 1 of the converter will be 5V and Output 0 of the converter will be 0V. If the reference voltage Vref = 5 V, R = 10 kΩ, Rf = 100 kΩ and Vout = -925/64 V, then the corresponding input is?

Question 5

An R – 2R ladder type DAC is as shown below

If R = 10 k, Vr = 5 V with binary input 100, then output analog voltage V0 is

Question 6

A 10-bit digital to analog converter has a full-scale output voltage of 20V. What will be the value of the output voltage (in volt) if the input code is 0101101011?
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