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GATE EC 2022: Control Systems Quiz 10

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Question 1

A feedback control system has an open loop transfer function.

The maximum value of ‘K’ for closed loop system stability is _________

Question 2

Consider the block diagram shown below

The transfer function is:

Question 3

The Nyquist plot over frequency range w = 0 to w = ∞ is shown in the figure for which zero open loop pole lies in right half of S-plane the closed system is unstable with

Question 4

The transfer function for the given signal flow graph is

Question 5

The Bode asymptotic magnitude plot of a minimum phase system is shown in the figure.

If the system is connected in a unity negative feedback configuration, the steady state error of the closed loop system, to a unit ramp input, is_________.

Question 6

Consider a system characterised by the non-homogenous state equation:

Where are states of the system and ‘u’ is the unit-step input function. Find the zero-input response of the system considering the initial state as is given by
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