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Question 1

Given a relation is in 3NF, Which of the following can be inferred from this?

Question 2

In ER models, which statement is not valid?

Question 3

Consider a B+ tree in which maximum number of keys in a node is 8. What is minimum number of keys present in a non leaf node?

Question 4

Consider the following transaction involving two bank accounts x and y. Read (x); x: = x - 50; write(x); read(y); y: = y + 50; write(y)
The constraint that the sum of the accounts x and y should remain constant is that of

Question 5

There are 2 transactions T1 with 2 instructions and T2 with 5 instructions. Find the sum of serial and concurrent  schedules.

Question 6

Consider the relation R(ABCDEF) with dependecies F:

{A->C, C->D, B->E, E->F}

The number of tables present in its 2NF decomposition are _______.

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