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Question 1

When the path travelled along the road surface is more than the circumferential movement of the wheels due to rotation, then it is

Question 2

Which property of material is evaluated using Los Angeles Abrasion test?

Question 3

A bituminous mix having maximum theoretical specific gravity of 2.5. The bitumen content is 7% by weight of the mix and its specific gravity is 1. The specific gravity of the combined aggregates

Question 4

For a 20 cm thick cement concrete pavement, analysis of stresses gave the following values.
Wheel load stress due to corner loading = 25 kg/cm2
Wheel load stress due to edge loading = 27 kg/cm2
Warping stress at corner region during winter = 7 kg/cm2
Warping stress at edge region during winter = 5 kg/cm2
Warping stress at corner region during summer = 10 kg/cm2
Warping stress at edge region during summer = 8 kg/cm2
Frictional stress at edge region during summer= 5 kg/cm2
Frictional stress during winter = 4 kg/cm2
The most critical stress value for this pavement is ________ kg/cm2.

Question 5

What is the equivalent single wheel load (in KN) of a dual wheel assembly carrying 20440N each or pavement thickness of 25cm? center to center spacing of tyres is 30cm and the distance between the wall of tyres is 11cm

Question 6

A vehicle is travelling at the speed of 72 kmph stopped within 3 second after the application of brake. Determine the average skid resistance

Question 7

A two-lane, one-way road with the radius of 50 m is predominantly carrying lorries with the wheelbase of 5 m. The speed of lorries is restricted to be between 60 kmph and 80 kmph. The mechanical widening and psychological widening required at 60 kmph are designated as Wme, 60 and Wps, 60 respectively. The mechanical widening and psychological widening required at 80 kmph are designated as and Wme, 80 and Wps, 80 respectively.
The correct values of Wme, 60, Wps, 60, Wme, 80 and Wps, 80  respectively are

Question 8

Driver of a vehicle travelling at 60 Kmph requires 8m less to stop on up gradient after applying the brakes as compared to a driver travelling down the slope with the same speed. The gradient of this surface is 1 in _________ Given f = 0.36

Question 9

To avoid head-on collision of two cars approaching from the opposite directions at 72 kmph and 54 kmph, the minimum sight distance should be __________m.
[Assume a reaction time of 2.5 seconds, coefficient of friction of 0.7 and a brake efficiency of 60 percent in both the cases]

Question 10

To determine angularity number of aggregate, following observations were taken:

Weight of Empty Cylinder = 525 g

Weight of cylinder + Aggregate = 2.775 kg

Weight of cylinder + Water = 1.845 kg

Specific gravity of aggregate = 2.67

Calculate the angularity number of aggregate.

Question 11

The stresses at corner region of a cement concrete pavement, using Westergard’s stream equation, using the following data:

Wheel load = 4000 kg

Radius of contact area = 11 cm

Modulus of elasticity of cement concrete E = 3.3 x 105 kg/cm2

Modulus of subgrade reaction K = 25 kg/cm3

Poisson’s ratio of subgrade = 0.14

Pavement thickness = 16 cm

Question 12

The data given below pertain to the design of a flexible pavement are 
Initial traffic = 1213 cvpd
Traffic growth rate = 8 percent per annum
Design life = 12 years
Vehicle damage factor = 2.5
Distribution factor = 1.0
The design traffic in terms of million standard axles (msa) to be catered would be

Question 13

Design parameters for a signalized intersection are shown in the figure below. The green time calculated for major and minor roads are 34 and 18 s, respectively.

The critical lane volume on the major road changes to 440 vehicles per hour per lane and the critical lane volume on the minor road remains unchanged. The green time will

Question 14

There is a single toll booth in operation at a motorway where motorist are charged before being allowed to cross a bridge. the booth can handle 750 veh/hour and the service times may be considered exponential. The peak flow is 600 veh/hour. The vehicle arrivals being random. What is the percentage of time a toll booth operator is free and also what is the probability that there is no vehicle in the system?

Question 15

The critical flow ratios for a three-phase signal are found to be 0.30, 0.25, and 0.25. The total time lost in the cycle is 10 s. Pedestrian crossings at this junction are not significant. The respective Green times (expressed in seconds and rounded off to the nearest integer) for the three phases are
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