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GATE (CE) : Transportation Engineering & Surveying #7

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Question 1

Aggregate impact value indicates the following property of aggregates

Question 2

If the modulus of sub-grade reaction of standard plate of 30 cm diameter is 20 kg/cm3, the value of modulus of sub-grade reaction for a standard plate is --------- kg/cm3.

Question 3

A subgrade soil sample was tested using standard CBR apparatus and the observations are given below

Assuming that the load-penetration curve is convex throughout, the CBR value (%) of the sample is

Question 4

A Marshall specimen is prepared for bituminous concrete with a a bitumen content of 5 percent by weight of total mix. The theoretical and the measured unit weights of the mix are 2.442 g/cm3 and 2.345 g/cm3, respectively. The bitumen has a specific gravity of 1.02. The percent voids in mineral aggregate filled with bitumen (VFB) are

Question 5

In the Marshall method of mix design, the coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, filter and bitumen, having respective specific gravities of 2.56, 2.65, 2.70 and 1.10 are mixed in the ratio of 50, 38.2, 4.7 and 7.1 percent, respectively. The theoretical specific gravity of the mix would be----------.

Question 6

What is the ratio of deflection at the centre for a flexible plate and rigid plate of same diameter?
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