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Question 1

Which one of the following represents the hardest grade of bitumen?

Question 2

Match the following. Match List-A (type of cutback bitumen) with List B (solvent used) and select the correct codes.

Question 3

10 cm bituminous concrete having cohesionmeter value 65 is equivalent to 8.0 cm gravel subbase. The cohesionmeter value of gravel subbase is ____.

Question 4

The result of one day axle load of trucks on a road is given below. Find the number of repetition of standard 80KN axle in a year (nearest integer)

Question 5

A traffic survey conducted on a road yields an average daily traffic count of 5000 vehicles. The axle load distribution on the same road is given in the following table

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The design period of the road is 15 years, the yearly traffic growth rate is 7.5% and the load safety factor (LSF) is 1.3. If the vehicle damage factor (VDF) is calculated from the above data, the design traffic (in million standard axle load, MSA) is ________. (standard axle load = 8160kg 8.2 tonnes)

Question 6

Which type of pavement uses a thin bituminous layer over a cement concrete slab?
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