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GATE (CE) : Transportation Engineering & Surveying #11

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Question 1

The latitude and departure of a line AB are + 78 m and – 45.1 m, respectively. The whole circle bearing of the line AB is:

Question 2

The reduced bearing of a 10 m long line is N30 °E. The departure of the line is

Question 3

An instrument was setup at P and the angle of depression to a vane 2m above the foot of the staff held at Q was 5° 36’. The horizontal distance between P & Q was known to be 3000 m. Given the staff reading on a benchmark of elevation 436.000 was 2.865m, the R.L of the staff station Q is

Question 4

The interior angles of four triangles are given below:

Which of the triangles are ill-conditioned and should be avoided in Triangulation surveys?

Question 5

The lengths and bearings of a closed traverse PQRSP are given below

The missing length and bearing, respectively of the line SP are

Question 6

The following table gives data of consecutive coordinates in respect of a closed theodolite traverse PQRSP.
The magnitude and direction of error of closure in whole circle bearing are

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