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GATE (CE) : Transportation Engineering & Surveying #10

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Question 1

The Reduced Levels (RLs) of the points P and Q are + 49.600 m and + 51.870 m respectively. Distance PQ is 20 m. The distance (in m from P) at which the + 50.000 m contour cuts the line PQ is

Question 2

The true length of a line is known to be 200m. when this measured using 20m tape, the length is 200.8m. the correct length of 20m tape is:

Question 3

An invar tape, 50 m in length, standardized at 20˚c temperature and a pull of 10 kg is given. This used to measure a baseline. The correction per tape length, if at the time of measurement the temperature was 30˚c and the coefficient of linear expansion of the tape is found to be 1 X 10-6 per ˚c,will be:

Question 4

A 100 m tape weighing 30 N is suspended between the two ends under a standard pull of 180 N. The correct distance between the tape ends is __________ m.

Question 5

A leveling is carried out to establish the Reduced Levels (RL) of point R with respect to the Bench Mark (BM) at P. The staff readings taken are given below:

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If RL of P is + 100.000m, then RL (in m) of R is

Question 6

A bench mark has been established at the soffit of an ornamental arch at the known elevation of 100.0 m above mean sea level. The back sight used to establish height of instrument is an inverted staff reading of 2.105 m. A forward sight reading with normally held staff of 1.105 m is taken on a recently constructed plinth. The elevation of the plinth is
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