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Question 1

The magnetic bearing of a line AB is S 30E. If the declination is 6west, then the true bearing is

Question 2

Which of the following reference direction is used in a geodetic survey?

Question 3

Place P has longitude 8810’ E. Find the local mean time if the standard meridian is 72 and the standard time is 9h 36m 48s.

Question 4

The staff reading taken at a distance of 1050m from the instrument is 1.765m. What will be the correction in the reading due to atmospheric refraction?

Question 5

The accuracy of an Electronic Distance Measuring Instrument (EDMI) is specified as
. Which one of the following statements is correct?

Question 6

The bearing of two inaccessible station A and B taken from station C were 245 and 161 respectively. The coordinates of A and B were as under

The independent coordinates of C are

Question 7

A box sextant has the main scale readings in 10' graduations. If the least count desired for an extended vernier is 10", then 'M' spaces of the main scale should be equal to 'N' spaces of the vernier scale. The value of M and N are respectively.

Question 8

A 20 m chain was found to be 20 cm too long after chaining a distance of 2500 m. It was found to be 28 cm too long at the end of the day’s work after chaining a total distance of 4000 m. What is the true distance (in m, correct to one decimal digit) if the chain was correct before the commencement of the day’s work?

Question 9

A person standing at the top of a 10m high embankment on a port can just see the bow of a ship leaving the port. She then climbs a tower of height 50m and observes that she can again see just the bow of the ship. If it takes her 30 minutes to climb up the tower, find out the speed of the ship in kmph.

Question 10

The scale of an aerial photograph is 1 cm = 150 m and the size of the photograph is 20cm X20cm. Determine the number of photograph in each strip to cover an area of 15kmX15 km if the longitudinal overlap is 70% and side overlap 30%.

Question 11

Following data is about a reservoir near Jiya Sarai, Delhi.

Depth of water level from ground, when the reservoir is 60% full, is _________m.
[Assume volume between two consecutive contours

Question 12

If the departure and latitude of a line are +78.0m and – 135.1m respectively, the whole circle bearing of the line is

Question 13

A close traverse has following length and bearing:

Calculate the length of CD in meter

Question 14

Assertion (A): Plane table survey might be preferred over theodolite survey for small scale maps.

Reason (R): Plane table survey can be used in areas with magnetic attraction as well.

Question 15

An area was traversed using a theodolite and an electronic distance measurement instrument (EDMI). If the least count of theodolite is 20”. What will be the degree of precision required for linear measurement.

Assume. tan (20’’) = 9.696 × 10–5

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