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GATE CE : Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering- Rapid Quiz 4

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Question 1

A fine grained soil has liquid limit of 60 and plastic limit of 20. As per the plasticity chart, according is IS classification, the soil is represented by the letter symbols

Question 2

According to the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, India, the day time and night time noise level limits in a ambient air for residential areas expressed in dB(A) Leq are

Question 3

A 10 m thick clay layer is under lain by a sand layer of 20 m depth (see figure below). The water table is 5 m below the surface of clay layer. The soil above the water table is capillary saturated. The value of gtat is 19 kN/m3. The unit weight of water is gw. If now the water table rises to the surface, the effective stress at a point P on the interface will

Question 4

The permissible stress in axial tension s„ in steel member on the net effective area of the section shall not exceed the following value (fy is the yield stress)

Question 5

In case of governing equations for calculating wheel load stresses using Westergaard’s approach, the following statements are made.
I. Load stresses are inversely proportional to wheel load
II. Modulus of subgrade reaction is useful for load stress calculation

Question 6

The following data are given for the laboratory sample.
Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\Civil-Engineering-2014_files\image220.png
If thickness of the clay specimen is 25 mm, the value of coefficient of volume compressibility is _______ × 10–4 m2/kN

Question 7

Which of following statement is NOT true in the context of capillary pressure in soils?

Question 8

A bracket plate connected to a column flange transmits a load of 100 kN as shown in the following figure. The maximum force for which the bolts should be designed is ___________ kN.

Question 9

A singly under–reamed, 8–m long, RCC pile (shown in the adjoining figure) weighing 20 kN with 350 mm shaft diameter and 750 mm under–ream diameter is installed within stiff, saturated silty clay (undrained shear strength is 50 kPa, adhesion factor is 0.3, and the applicable bearing capacity factor is 9) to counteract the impact of soil swelling on a structure constructed above. Neglecting suction and the contribution of the under–ream to the adhesive shaft capacity, what would be the estimated ultimate tensile capacity (rounded off to the nearest integer value of kN) of the pile?

Question 10

A precast concrete pile is driven with a 50 kN hammer falling through a height of 1.0 m with an efficiency of 0.6. The set value observed is 4 mm per blow and the combined temporary compression of the pile, cushion and the ground is 6 mm. As per Modified Hiley Formula, the ultimate resistance of the pile is
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