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GATE (CE) : Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures #4 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

The time period of oscillation of following spring mass system is

Question 2

If translation distance of a wheel after a full rotation is S then what will be the condition for skidding of the wheel?

Question 3

The Centre of gravity of lamina shown in figure below lie at the O, where O is the mid point at the base of rectangle. Determine the height of the rectangle.

Question 4

A body goes from point A to B on a semicircle of radius 1 m in 1 sec. The average speed & average velocity are

Question 5

The total kinetic energy (in Joules) of a hoop of mass 3 kg and radius 5 m sliding with linear velocity 6 m/s and angular velocity 4 radian/sec is

Question 6

An area is enclosed by a curve y =ax2 and x axis as shown in figure. What will be the x coordinate of the centroid of the area if a = 10 and b = 8?

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