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GATE (CE) : Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures #2 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

A stone is throne vertically upwards with a vertical velocity of 45 m/sec. It returns to the ground in

Question 2

What is the greatest speed (in m/s) at which a car can negotiate a curve of radius 50 m on a horizontal track without skidding, coefficient of friction between tyres and track is 0.4?

Question 3

A block of weight 400 N slides down an inclined plane making an angle 30 with horizontal having initial velocity of 2 m/s. A spring having stiffness 100 N/mm is fixed at the end. The distance travelled by the body along the plane before striking the spring is 2 m. Taking μ = 0.2, find the compression in the spring.

Question 4

A block weighing 20 N is in contact with a level plane whose coefficients of static and kinetic friction are 0.5 and 0.2 respectively. The block is acted upon by a horizontal force P= 10t (newton), where t is in second. The distance of the block attained after 5 seconds in m is -----

Question 5

Block A and B masses 40kg and 60 kg respectively are placed on a smooth surface and connected by a spring of length 2m. If they are released from rest, determine the speed of block B in m/s when spring becomes upstretched. Take K = 150 N/m.

Question 6

The position vector of a particle is given by 8ti – 1.2t2j - 0.5(t3-1)k, when t = 4 sec, determine the power developed in W by the force 40i-20j -36k in kN which acts on a particle.
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