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Question 1

A scale of 1 inch = 50ft. is mentioned on an old map. What is the corresponding equivalent scale?

Question 2

Which of the following errors are fully eliminated by reciprocal leveling?
I. Error due to Earth's curvature
II. Error due to inclined line of sight
III. Error due to refraction

Question 3

When the bearing of a line was measured with a compass, it came to be N42°15’W. If the magnetic declination at the point is 4°45’ to the east, what will be the true bearing of the line?

Question 4

The magnetic bearing of a line AB was N 59 ° 30’W in the year 1967, when the declination was 4 ° 10’ E. If the present declination is 3 ° W, the magnetic bearing in terms of WCB of the line is

Question 5

If the bubble tube of a level has a sensitiveness of 35 per 2 mm division, find the error in staff reading on a vertical staff at a distance of 100 m caused by the bubble bending 3/2 divisions out of centre.

Question 6

An instrument was setup at P and the angle of depression to a vane 2m above the foot of the staff held at Q was 5° 36’. The horizontal distance between P & Q was known to be 3000 m. Given the staff reading on a benchmark of elevation 436.000 was 2.865m, the R.L of the staff station Q is
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