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Question 1

Following are the measured values of the angle ‘A’ with their respective weights.

A = 56°15’00’; weight = 1

A = 54°45’00’; weight = 2

Find the most probable value of the angle?

Question 2

A vertical photograph was taken at an altitude of 2000 m above mean sea level. If the scale of photograph for a terrain lying at an elevation of 250 m is 1 : 1000. Find the focal length of the camera.

Question 3

To determine the gradient between two inaccessible points A and B a third point C is taken. The reading on A and B from C were taken with the help of a tacheometer.

Find the average gradient between A and B if the horizontal angle ACB is 45o 40’. Use K = 100, C = 0

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

For a closed traverse ABCDE, the length, latitude and departure of each side is given below.

Select the correct choice regarding the corrections that is required to be applied to side AB of the traverse.

Question 5

The following offsets were taken at 10m interval from a chain line to irregular boundary line –

2.65, 3.15,  4.30,  3.60,  4.70,  5.32,  6.78m

Calculate the area between chain line, boundary line and the last offsets by using Simpson’s rule?

Question 6

A levelling work is prepared by the observation taken by dumpy level and staff. Find out the missing data (x).

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