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Question 1

A rectangular plot of 9 km2 in area is shown on a map by a similar rectangular area of 1 cm2. R.F. of the scale to measure a distance of 30 km will be:

Question 2

An area of a field is 300 square centimeters from a shrunk map having shrunk factor of a 0.8 . Calculate the original area (square meters) on the field, if the original scale of the map is 1 cm = 50 m.

Question 3

The plan area of an old survey plotted to a scale of 10 m to 1 cm presently measures 82.5 cm2. It is believed that plan has shrunk so that the original line of 10 cm now measures 9.1 cm. Also the chain used was of 20 m and was 9 cm too short. The true area of the survey is

Question 4

The area of a plan of an old map of scale 1 cm = 10 m is now measured as 90.5 cm2. The plan is found to have shrunk so that line originally 10 cm long now measures as 9.5 cm only. It is also found that 20 m chain used was 9 cm short then calculate the true area on the ground.

Question 5

A surveyor measured the distance between two points on the plan drawn to a scale of 1 cm = 40m and the result was 468 m. later, however, he discovered that he used a scale of 1 cm = 20 m. true distance between the points will be-

Question 6

A plan of an area shrunk such that the line that originally measures 20 cm is now 19.8 cm only. If the original scale was 1cm = 200 m. Consider the following statements:

i. Shrunk scale will be 202.02 m = 1 cm

ii. Correct length corresponding to measured length of 10 m is 10.5 m.

Which of the following statements are correct?

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