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Question 1

A superspeedway in New Delhi has among the highest super-elevation rates of any track on the Indian Grand Prix circuit. The track requires drivers to negotiate turns with a radius of 335 m and 33 ° banking. Given this information, the coefficient of side friction required in order to allow a vehicle to travel at 320 km/h along the curve is

Question 2

A road is being designed for a speed of 110 km/hr on a horizontal curve with a super elevation of 8%. If the coefficient of side friction is 0.10, the minimum radius of the curve (in m) required for safe vehicular movement is

Question 3

The maximum superelevation to be provided on a road curve is 1 in 15. If the rate of change of superelevation is specified as 1 in 120 and the road width is 10m, then the minimum length of the transition curve on each end(rotation of the pavement about the edge) will be

Question 4

Consider the following statements:

(i) Superelevation is limited to a maximum value to avoid overturning of slow-moving vehicle.

(ii) Maximum limit of superelevation on a hill road not bound by snow is 8%

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 5

A vehicle is negotiating a horizontal curve with a velocity of 50 kmph. The width and height of the vehicle is 1.80 m and 1.50 m respectively. Assume no super elevation is provided, what is the value of maximum lateral friction coefficient so that vehicle does not overturn?

Question 6

A car with center of gravity at x = 1.2 m and y = 1.65 m is travelling on curved road of radius 175 m and super elevation = 0.Considering the coefficient of side friction = 0.15, the minimum speed to avoid both slipping and overturning is ________kmph
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