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GATE (CE) 2022 SUBJECT REVISION QUIZ : RCC & Prestressed Concrete

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Question 1

The minimum strength of concrete required for pre-tensioned work is

Question 2

A column section of size 350mm x 500mm is reinforced with 8 bars of 20mm diameter. The pitch of transverse steel provided is ____ mm?

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

Factor of safety of the retaining wall is generally taken as

Question 4

Which of the following statements are correct regarding a cold worked deformed bar of φ diameter:

a. Minimum turning radius ‘r’ for a hook = 4 φ

b. Deformed bars may be used without end anchorages in tension.


Question 5Multiple Correct Options

A structure faces extreme condition assuming it is a plain cement concrete choose correct option

Question 6

A concrete beam prestressed with a parabolic tendon is shown in the sketch. The eccentricity of the tendon is measured from the centroid of the cross section. The applied prestressing force at service is 1620KN. The uniformly distributed load of 45 KN/m includes self weight.

The stress (in N/mm2) in the bottom fibre at Mid Span is

Question 7

The limiting moment of resistance of a T – beam with bf = 1200 mm, Df = 140mm, bw = 300mm, d = 600mm, M20 concrete and Fe415 steel, is ______ kN – m (round of to 2 decimal places)

Question 8

A circular column 4.6 m high is effectively held in position at both ends of restrained against rotation at one end. Calculate the area of steel required in mm2 to carry an axial load of 1200 KN, if it diameter is restricted to 450 mm. Use M20 concrete and Fe415 steel.

Question 9

A reinforced concrete column contains longitudinal steel equal to 1 percent of net cross–sectional area of the column. Assume modular ratio as 10. The loads carried (using the elastic theory) by the longitudinal steel and the net area of concrete, are Ps and Ps respectively. The ratio of Ps/Pc expressed as percent is

Question 10

2 legged 10 mm diameter vertical stirrups are provided at a spacing of 250 mm centre to create in a rectangular beam of width = 250 mm, effective width = 400 mm. If design shear strength of concrete is 0.7 MPa, total shear capacity of the section is ________kN.
[Take Fe415 grade steel]

Question 11

A RCC member of total width 250 mm and effective depth 450 mm is reinforced with Fe415 bars. If there is a factored shear force of 200 kN and bending moment of 50 kN/m and there is compression confinement, then the maximum diameter of bars required considering anchorage as 400 mm is

Consider M20, Zbd = 1.2 MPa (for Fe415 bar)

Question 12

An RC column, built with M25 grade concrete, of square cross-section (500 × 500 mm2) is subjected to a factored load of 937.5 kN. Use column load-moment interaction diagram as shown in figure below.

The maximum uniaxial eccentricity (in mm) for safe application of load will be

Question 13Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements is/are correct for the beam shown in figure (Use Limit state method of Design)

Question 14

A beam is subjected to factored shear force of 50kN, Factored bending moment of 100 kNm and factored torsional moment of 150 kNm. Find the equivalent shear force(in kN) developed for the beam as per IS 456:Take width of beam as 300 mm.

Question 15

Calculate the lever arm(in mm ) for a rectangular beam of size 300*450 mm with 50 mm effective cover which is made up of M25 concrete and is reinforced with 4-20 mm diameter bars of Fe415 grade steel.
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