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Question 1

The maximum section modulus for a rectangular section cut that be obtained from a circular section of diameter ‘d’ is _________.

Question 2

(a) Rankine’s theory is generally used for finding out the buckling of intermediate columns.

(b) Euler’s theory gives lower values for buckling loads in intermediate columns.

Incorrect statements is/are

Question 3

A solid shaft has to transmit 100 kW at 160 rpm taking allowable shear stress as 70 MPa. What will be the suitable diameter of the shaft if the maximum torque transmitted in each revolution exceeds the mean torque by 20%.

Question 4

A cylindrical piece of steel, with a diameter of 60mm and length 100 mm, is subjected to an axial compressive force of 40,000 kg. If bulk modulus is 1.7 x 106 kg/cm2 and poisson’s ratio is 0.25 than the change in volume of the cylindrical piece is

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

A body is subjected to stresses of 200 N/mm2(T) and 800 N/mm2(T) in two perpendicular direction along with shear stress of 400N/mm2.Which of the following statements are correct.

Question 6

Two cantilever beams, are connected in such a way that free end of cantilever beam of span length 3a is supported by another cantilever beam of span 2a using a roller support. The deflection at the roller support B is ___.

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