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Question 1

A-6 hour storm occurred over a catchment of 1.8 km2 area and the total rainfall observed was 24 cm. An infiltration capacity curve prepared had the initial infiltration capacity of 2 cm/hr and attained a constant value of 0.5 cm/hr after 3 hours of rainfall with a Harton's equation constant, k = 5 hr-1. An IMD pan installed in the catchment indicated a decrease of 0.8 cm in the water level during 6 hours of its operation, then the runoff from the catchment is _______ cm.
[Take pan coefficient = 0.7 and neglect other losses]

Question 2

What is the regime scour depth for a channel in soil with silt factor 1.3 and carrying 8.2 m3/s/m of discharge intensity in accordance with Lacey’s regime theory?

Question 3

A nozzle is so shaped that the average flow velocity changes linearly from 1.5 m/s at the beginning to 15 m/s at its end in a distance of 0.375 m. The magnitude of the convective acceleration (in m/s2) at the beginning of the nozzle is _________.

Question 4

If a continuous beam having two spans of length 5 m each is subjected to a uniform load of intensity 4 kN/m, then determine the reaction at the midsupport in kN. State your answer upto two places after decimal.

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Identity the correct properties of OPC

Question 6

The strain energy stored in the member ‘AB’ is (axial rigidity of each member is AE).

Question 7

A singly reinforced rectangular concrete beam having depth of 450 mm and width of 250 mm. Effective cover is 50 mm. use M25 grade concrete and fe415 steel. Take the section as limiting section.

Area of tension steel in mm2 is

Question 8

Which acid is used to distinguish the steel and the wrought iron on the field?

Question 9Multiple Correct Options

Consider the following statements, which of them is/are incorrect. (more than one answer may be correct)

Question 10

A closed tank containing water is partly filled with water and the air space above it is under pressure. A 5 cm diameter bore connected to the tank discharges water to atmosphere on to the roof of building 3.0 m above the level of water in the tank. If friction losses are 1.5 m of water, then the air pressure that must be maintained in the tank to deliver 15 l/s to the roof is _________ kPa (gauge).
[Take density of water = 9.79 kN/m3]

Question 11

A rectangular channel is 5m wide and carries a discharge of 12 m3/sec at a depth of 3m. At a certain section of the channel it is proposed to reduce the width to 2 m and alter the bed elevation by ΔZ to obtain critical flow at the contracted section without altering the upstream depth.

The maximum value of ΔZ is __________m [rounded to two decimal places]

Question 12

A triangular gate with a base width of 2 m and a height of 1.5 m lies in a vertical plane. The top vertex of the gate is 1.5 m below the surface of a tank which contains oil of specific gravity 0.8. Considering the density of water and acceleration due to gravity to be 1000 kg/m3 and 9.81 m/s2, respectively, the hydrostatic force (in kN) exerted by the oil on the gate is __________.

Question 13

A simply supported beam is 250 mm x 450 mm and is having 3-20 mm bar going into support with U type hook at centre of support. The factored shear force at the centre of support is 150 kN. The maximum value of development length, according to limit state method, is ___mm.
[Take effective cover = 35 mm, M20 grade of concrete and Fe415 grade of steel]

Question 14

A pretensioned concrete beam 100*300 mm is prestressed by a straight wire carrying initial force of 150 kN at an eccentricity of 50 mm. ES =210 KN/mm2 and EC = 35 KN/mm2. The percentage loss of stress in steel due to elastic deformation of concrete if area of steel wires is 188 mm2 is:

Question 15

A simply supported rectangular beam having span 5m is subjected to a central point load of 50 kN. The permissible stress in material is 220 N/mm2. Assuming the depth to be twice of width, the beam is safe in bending if its depth is equal to ____mm.

Question 16

Which one will be the correct bending moment diagram for the beam shown in figure?

Question 17

A construction project consists of 9 activities. The estimated duration (in days) required to complete each of the activities along with the corresponding network diagram is shown below.

Total floats (in days) for the activities 4-6 and 8-9 for the project are respectively,

Question 18

Given below is a plane frame. Determine the total degree of static indeterminacy of the plane

Question 19

Find Kinematic Indeterminacy of the inextensible beam shown below:

Question 20

What is the area of influence line diagram for the reaction at the hinged end of a uniform propped cantilever of span 10 m?

Question 21Multiple Correct Options

An engineering analyzed a dam profile given below (neglecting uplift pressure ) and made a table. But he forgets to calculate certain values.

rconcrete = 24 kN/m3 rwater = 10 kN/m3

Fv = Vertical force, FH = Horizontal force

Total vertical reaction = Z

Vertical reaction will act at a distance of P’ meter from toe

Find out value of X, Y,Z, P left by engineer.

Question 22

The average rainfall for a 3 hour duration storm is 2.7 cm and the loss rate is 0.3 cm/hr. The flood hydrograph has a base flow of 20 m3/s and produces a peak flow of 210 m3/s. The peak of a 3–h unit hydrograph is

Question 23

A rectangular channel had a positive surge of velocity 10 m/s moving down the channel. If depth of flow and velocity after the passing of the surge are 4.0 m and 5.0 m/s respectively, the velocity before the passage of the surge is _____m/s.

Question 24

Calcuate optimum cost for this project

Indirect cost is 500 per duration.

Question 25

Determine the maximum allowable pitch ‘P’ of a helical reinforcement of a 400 diameter column consider diameter of spiral as 10 mm and clear cover = 40 mm. Use M25 concrete and Fe 415 steel.
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