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GATE CE 2022: RCC & Prestressed Concrete Quiz#6

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Question 1

An axial loaded column is of 300*300 mm size. The unsupported length of column is 3 m. What is minimum eccentricity of the axial load for the column?

Question 2

An RCC short column (with lateral ties) of rectangular cross-section of in reinforced with four members of 16 mm diameter longitudinal bars. The grades of steel and concrete are Fe415 and M20, respectively. Neglect eccentricity effect. Considering limit state of collapse in compression (IS 456 : 2000), the axial load carrying capacity of the column (in kN, up to one decimal place) is _____________

Question 3

Determine the ratio of the additional moments about x axis and y-axis for along column of 8 m and 7.5 m in a and y direction respectively. The column is effectively held in position and restrained against rotation at both ends. The axial load on the column is 1000 kN. The size of the column is 400 × 600 mm.

Question 4

A circular column has to be designed using lateral ties to carry an axial load of 1500kN. Using M25 mix and Fe 415 grade steel, what is the required diameter of column section? (assume longitudinal steel percentage = 1% of gross area)

Question 5

An RC square column of size 600 mm is constructed to carry an unfactored load of 3000 kN. The ends of the column are restrained from displacement but free to rotate and is casted with M-25 concrete. The area of Fe-415 steel required to carry the given load considering that the column is short and loaded with minimum eccentricity is

Question 6

A spiral column of diameter 500 mm is subjected to an unfactored load of 1600 KN with longitudinal reinforcement 8-16 mm and effective length of column is 3.5 m. The column is provided with helical reinforcement of diameter 6 mm. The concrete used is M25 and reinforcement provided is FeClear cover used is 40 mm.

The pitch of the helical reinforcement satisfying the criteria as per IS456 – 2000 is _____ mm.

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