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GATE CE 2022: RCC & Prestressed Concrete Quiz#5

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Question 1

40KN/ load acting on a 4.5m×6.5m 2-way slab and effective depth of slab is 120mm. Maximum shear stress along longer edge is _____ KN/

Question 2

A rectangular slab of M30 concrete has dimensions 4m × 6m and it is supported at two ends as shown in figure. It is certainly a

Question 3

If L1 and L2 are the long the of bang and short spans of a two way slab simply supported four edges and carrying a load of W per unit area, the ratio of the load split into and W2 acting on strips parallel to L2 and L1 is

Question 4

A simply supported one way slab of effective depth 400 mm is required to resist the ultimate moment of 37 kN-m/m, if 10 mm diameter main bar s used in the slab, the spacing of the man bar required will be _____ mm. (Use M25 & Fe500 respectively)

Question 5

A slab have effective span in two direction as ly = 8.5 m and lx = 6.2 m. The factored superimposed load is 25 KN/m2. As per Rankine Grashoff’s theory, calculate the value of My in KNm.

Question 6

Calculate the ratio of Moments in x and y directions for a slab 5m × 7m, the edges and corners of which are free to lift carries a Live load of 10 KN/m and floor finish is 2.5 KN/m. The slab thickness is 200mm.
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