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GATE CE 2022: RCC & Prestressed Concrete Quiz#4

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Question 1

The lever arm for a rectangular concrete beam of width 300 mm and effective depth 500 mm, reinforced in tension by 3 bars of 20 mm diameter each, is (by limit state method) ____mm.
[Take grade of concrete M20 and grade of steel Fe415]

Question 2

A T-beam roof section has the following particulars:
Thickness of slab = 100 mm
Width of rib = 300 mm
Depth of rib = 500 mm
Centre to centre distance of beam = 3.0 m
Effective span of beam = 6.0 m
Distance between points of contraflexure = 3.6 m
The effective flange width of the T-beam is ___________ mm.

Question 3

The total compressive force at the time of failure of a concrete beam section of width b without taking partial safety factor and design compressive strength be taken as 0.7fck is

Question 4

Given below is an L-beam.

Assuming M25 concrete and Fe415 steel, the value of xu (in mm) as per LSM is

Question 5

For a beam given below

Bending moment = 120 kNm. Effective cover = 30 mm
Beam width = 400 mm
overall width = 330 mm
Area of steel =1257 mm2
USE - M20/Fe 550

Which of following statement is correct (use LSM)

Question 6

The effective cover (up to two decimal places) of beam is _______ mm

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