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GATE CE 2022: RCC & Prestressed Concrete Quiz#3

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Question 1

What is the anchorage length of a tie bar, which is bent through 135° round a bar of diameter 12mm?

Question 2

Calculate the development length at simply supported edge in mm from the following information:

M25 and Fe 415 steel is used

bd =1.4 MPa

V = 30 KN and M = 16.076 KNm

Side way clear spacing is 50 mm

d = 120 mm and width of support which are under compression is 300 mm

Question 3

Let Ld be the development length of plain bars in tension without bundling. What will be the development length of deformed bars under compression having 3 bars bundled together? Assume dia. of each bar 25 mm.

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

A rectangular beam of 400*600 mm effective section, the beam is subjected to

BM= 250 KN-m ;  SF = 160 KN ; TM = 80 KN-m. M20 and Fe415, C MAX = 2.8 N/mm2. Which of the following options is/are correct?

Question 5

Calculate the development length provided in mm at point of inflection of simply supported beam having effective depth as 350 mm, width = 250 mm and main reinforcement as 3 number of 16 mm dia bars and V = 150 KN, fck = 20 MPa, fy = 415 MPa , bd =1.2 MPa.

Question 6

A steel bar of 20 mm Fe415 grade is embedded in a concrete block of M20 grade. The bond stress τbd = 1.2 MPa as per IS : 456-2000, for mild steel in tension. The length of embedment is 1m. The maximum pulling force that can be applied on the bar is ___________ kN
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