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GATE CE 2022: RCC & Prestressed Concrete Quiz#2

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

The deflection of a structure due to all loads including the effects of temperature, creep and shrinkage and measured from the as-cast level of the supports of floors, roofs and all other horizontal members, should not normally exceed

Question 2

A beam with both continuous ends has a clear span of 6m with supports 600 mm wide. The effective depth of beam is 550 mm. As per IS 456-2000, the effective span of the beam (in m) is____________

Question 3

Consider two RCC beams, P and Q, each having the section 400 mm × 750 mm (effective depth, d = 750 mm) made with concrete having a . For the reinforcement provided and the grade of concrete used, it may be assumed that the. The design shear in beam P is 400 kN and in beam Q is 750 kN. Considering the provisions of IS 456 – 2000, which of the following statements is TRUE?

Question 4

A continuous RC beam of effective than = 6 m below is subjected to a factored dead load wd = 10 KN/m and factored live load wL = 12.5 KN/m.

The bending moment M2 is

Question 5

For a beam of cross–section, width = 230 mm and effective depth = 500 mm, the number of rebars of 12 mm diameter required to satisfy minimum tension reinforcement requirement specified by IS : 456–2000 (assuming grade of steel reinforcement as Fe 500) is _______

Question 6

A cantilever beam of width 450 mm and effective depth 550 mm is laterally restrained at a distance L from the free end. The maximum value of ‘L’ to ensure proper stability is
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