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GATE CE 2022: RCC & Prestressed Concrete Quiz#1

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Question 1

The minimum strain at failure in the tensile reinforcement (fy = 420 MPa) of RCC beam at failure as per limit state method is _______× 10—2

Question 2

For limit state of collapse, the partial safety factors recommended by IS 456:2000 for estimating the design strength of concrete and reinforcing steel are respectively

Question 3

The permissible bending compressive strength for M25 grade of concrete is 8.5 N/mm2. Its short term modular ratio is ( E steel = 2*105 N/mm2)

Question 4

For figure given below

(for batch A concrete)

(for batch B concrete)

If x > y then which among the following is/are correct.

Question 5

The stress value in reinforcement at the commencement of first crack in concrete is _____ N/mm2. (Assume modulus of elasticity of steel as 216 GPa)

Question 6

A beam (simple support) and a column is subject to fire for 1 hour. If the required nominal cover to meet given period of fire resistance is “a” mm for beam and “b” mm for column then a/b ratio is
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