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Question 1

A simply supported rectangular beam of span 20.0 m is subjected to UDL. The minimum effective depth (in m) required to check deflection of this beam, when modification factor for tension and compression reinforcements are 0.9 and 1.1 respectively, will be

Question 2

A column having helical reinforcement, the core diameter (dc)is 360mm and diameter of steel(Ø)provided is 12mm.The minimum pitch (p)can be provided is ____ mm.

Question 3

A Warren truss is supported as shown in the given figure. Which one of the following diagrams represent the influence line for the force in member U3U4?

Question 4

In a simply supported girder AB as shown below:

The maximum positive shear force at section x-x due to a u.d.l of intensity 40 kN/m which is moving right to left, of any length will be______.

Question 5

A rectangular concrete beam 200 mm wide and 400 mm deep is prestressed by a straight cable carrying an effective prestressing force of 250 kN at an eccentricity of 50 mm. The beam supports a udl of 8 kN/m including its self weight. Span of the beam is 6 m. If the modulus of rupture of concrete is 5 N/mm2, the load factor against cracking is ____.

Question 6

The stress strain curve of concrete as in the figure below and partial factor of safety as 1.33 for concrete.

A rectangular under-reinforced section 250mm wide and 450 mm effective depth is reinforced with 4 bars of 16mm diameter of grade Fe415. Concrete mix is M20.

The depth of neutral axis obtained as per IS : 456 – 2000 differs from the depth of neutral axis obtained is stated condition by

Question 7

Four 16 mm diameter Fe415 grade steel bars are bundled together under compression in M25 grade concrete with a design bond strength as 1.4 MPa. The minimum development length is _______ mm.

Question 8

In LSM instead of 0.002 strain in parabolic stress section, it is assumed that new strain for parabolic stress section be 0.0025 and overall strain be same as 0.0035 and other factors to be remain same. Calculate the value of new compressive force.

Question 9

A continuous beam having 4 spans is fixed at its ends. It is supported by three rigid supports in between then the order of the reduced stiffness matrix is given by

Question 10

A portal space frame have a vertical slider shown below. The kinematic indeterminacy is?

Question 11

Match List-i (Structure) with List-ii (Degree of static indeterminacy) and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists:
1. 8
2. 6
3. 4

Question 12Multiple Correct Options

For the given truss.

Joint A is roller joint, B is hinge joint and C is the top most point at which load is acting

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