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Question 1

A field channel has cultivable commanded area of 2000 hectares. The intensities of irrigation for gram and wheat are 30% and 50% respectively. Gram has a kor period of 18 days, kor depth of 12 cm, while wheat has a kor period of 18 days and a kor depth of 15 cm. The discharge (in m3/s) required in the field channel to supply water to the commanded area during the kor period is_____.

Question 2

What will be the sodium absorption ratio of a soil for which

[Na+] = 250 mg/l , [Ca2+] = 45 mg/l , [Mg2+ ] = 18 mg/l

Question 3

A trapezoidal canal is designed in alluvial soil using Lacey’s theory for irrigating the cultural command area of 4000 hectares through canal. The peak discharge required for Rabi season is 5 m3/s and that for Kharif season is 6 m3/s. What should be the hydraulic radius that should be adopted for the channel if the mean size of the sediment particles is 0.3 mm?

Question 4

A drop spillway is subjected to horizontal and vertical forces of 40.8 kN and 36.5 kN respectively. The area of plane of sliding is 10m2. Angle friction and cohesive resistance of foundation material are 25 ° and 4.9 kPa respectively. The factor of safety against sliding is? Assume tan 25°= 0.47

Question 5

For border strip method of irrigation 0.04 ha area is irrigated from tubewell with a discharge of 0.02 cumec. The infiltration capacity of soil may be taken as 5cm/h and the average depth of flow on the field as 10 cm. The time required to irrigate a strip of land of area 0.04 ha will be

Question 6

The silt factor used by Lacey in his regime theory was equal to 1.0 for upper Bari-doab alluvium. What was the median size of the alluvium?
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