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Question 1

The discharge required for rabi and kharif crops are 0.8 cumec and 0.6 cumec respectively.The capacity factor and time factor are 0.75 and 0.6 respectively for all seasons. The design discharge(cumec) at the head would be :

Question 2

Lacey's scour depth for a stream carrying a discharge of 3 cumecs metre width and having a silt factor of 1.2 is ________m.

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

A launching apron is to be designed at downstream of a weir for discharge intensity of 6.5m3/s/m for a design of launching, scour depth is taken 3 times of lacey scour depth. If tail water depth is 2.6m, then choose correct option/ options

Question 4

A standard triangular lined canal section 1.5H:1V side slope has a capacity of 25 cumec and full supply depth of 2.4m. The lining material for the canal would be safe for withstanding mean velocity of

Question 5

The width and height of a right angular gravity dam is 26m and 18m respectively. If the free board of 1.5 m is provided, the factor of safety against sliding is (neglecting uplift forces). Assume the value of coefficient of friction to be 0.28.

Question 6

A sandy loam soil has a water holding capacity of 140 mm/m between field capacity and wilting point. The area to be irrigated is 60 ha and depth of effective root zone is 0.30 m. The management allowed soil moisture depletion as 40% and the consumptive use is 6 mm/day. The conveyance and application efficiency are obtained to be 80% and 50% respectively. There are no leaching requirements as well as no rainfall and ground water contributions to the crop water requirement. The frequency of irrigation (in days) and the field irrigation requirement (in m3) will be
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