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Question 1

____________ is an example of a non-rigid dam

Question 2

The maximum height of a low gravity dam of elementary profile made of concrete of relative density 2.5 and safe allowable stress of foundation material is 4.0 MPa without considering uplift force is about

Question 3

In a canal irrigation project, 76% of the culturable command area (CCA) remained without water during Kharif season; and 58% of CCA remained without water during Rabi season in a particular year. Rest of the areas got irrigated in each crop respectively. What is the intensity of irrigation for the project in the year?

Question 4

Consider the following statements:
1). a canal is carried over the drainage channel.
2). A drainage channel is carried over the canal.
3). Both drainage channel and canal are at the same level.
With respect to Aqueduct, which of these statements is/are correct?

Question 5

Assertion (A): The duty of water decrease as the point of its measurement moves away from the field of application.
Reason (R): Duty depends on soil characteristics.

Question 6

A launching apron is to be designed at downstream of a weir for discharge intensity of 6.5 m3/s/m. For the design of launching aprons the scour depth is taken two times of Lacey scour depth. The silt factor of the bed material is unity. If the tail water depth is 4.4m, the length of launching apron in the launched position is___ m.
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