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Question 1

If the discharge required for different crops grown in a field is 0.4 cumecs and the capacity and time factor are 0.8 and 0.5 respectively, then the design discharge for the distribution will be ________ cumecs.

Question 2

Irrigation water having the concentration of Na++, Ca++ and Mg++ as 20, 3 and 1 milli-equivalent per litre respectively will be classified as

Question 3

A water pump is installed on a well to lift water and to irrigate wheat crop, sown over 4 hectares of land. The duty for wheat is 1728 hectares / cumecs on the field and pump efficiency is 46%. If the lowest water level is 8 metres below the highest portion of the field and assuming negligible field channel losses, the minimum required input (HP) of the pump is _________ [rounded to 2 decimal places]

Question 4

A field channel has cultivable commanded area of 2000 hectares. The intensities of irrigation for gram and wheat are 30% and 50% respectively. Gram has a kor period of 18 days, kor depth of 12 cm, while wheat has a kor period of 18 days and a kor depth of 15 cm. The discharge (in m3/s) required in the field channel to supply water to the commanded area during the kor period is_____.

Question 5

A water course commands an irrigated area of 800 hectares. The intensity of irrigation of rice this area is 55%. The transplantation of tice takes 12 days and total depth of water required by the crop is 45 cm on the field during the transplantation period. During the transplantation period, the useful rain falling on the field is 10 cm, then the discharge required in the water course, if losses of water is to be 20% in the water course, is _______cumec.

Question 6

A identical source of irrigation water has ion concentration of Na+,Ca2+, Mg2+ as 20,10 and 8 milliequivalent per litre respectively. The (Sodium Absorption Ratio) SAR of this water is
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