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Question 1

The rainfall during three successive 2 hour periods are 0.5, 2.8 and 1.6 cm. The surface runoff resulting from this storm is 3.2 cm. The 100% index value of this storm is

Question 2

The portion of the precipitation which by a variety of paths above and below the surface of the earth reaches the stream channel is

Question 3

Over a basin of area 333 km2, there was a storm for 6 h with a uniform intensity of 2 cm/h. The observed runoff was 20×106 m3. The average rate of infiltration for the basin was

Question 4

If the slope of infiltration capacity curve as shown in figure is -0.4605, the value of the constant k (i.e the rate of decay of the difference between initial and final infiltration rate) in the Horton's equation of infiltration capacity curve will be equal to _______time-1.

Question 5

The hyetograph of a storm event of duration 140 minutes is shown in the figure.

The infiltration capacity at the start of this event (t = 0) is 17mm/hour, which linearly decreases to 10 mm/hour after 40 minutes duration. As the event progresses, the infiltration rate further drops down linearly to attain a value of 4mm/ hour at t = 100 minutes and remains constant thereafter till the end of the storm event. The value of the infiltration index, ϕ (in mm/hour, round off to 2 decimal places), is _______

Question 6

Measured infiltration rates, f in cm/hr, for every hour from t=0, when the rainfall just commenced to t=8 hours are given in table below. The rainfall lasts over 8 hours. Calculate the total infiltration quantity during 8 hours using Horton constant k = 4 day-1.
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