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GATE (CE) 2022: Highway Engineering

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Question 1

Spot speeds of vehicles observed at a point on a highway are 40, 55, 65 and 80 km/h. The space-mean speed (in km/h, round off to two decimal places) of the observed vehicles is ____.

Question 2

An observer count 180 veh/h at a specific highway location. Assume that the vehicle arrival at the location follows Poisson’s distribution, the probability (in percentage) of having four vehicles arriving over a 55 seconds time internal is.

Question 3

On a two-lane NH, a curve of radius 400 m and length 225 m is designed to have a stopping sight distance is 90 m and width of each lane is 3.8 m. What will be the set back distance required from the mid of the inner lane of the road to the edge of a building.

Question 4

A valley curve in formed by an descending gradient of 1 in 25 meeting an ascending gradient of 1 in 30. Calculate the distance of lowest point on the valley curve from first tangent point if the length of curve is 245 m

Question 5

A plate bearing test was carried out on a subgrade using a 80 cm diameter rigid plate. A deflection of 9.6 × 10–4 m was coused by a pressure of 0.69 kg/cm2. The modulus of a sub-grade reaction is ………. × 105 kg/m3, [for standard plate]

Question 6

Bulk sp. Gravity of a bituminous mix is 2.35 and theoretical specific gravity of the mix is 2.45.If percent volume of bitumen in mix is 6%, then the percentage of voids filled with bitumen will be _______ (round of to 2 decimal places).
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