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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures - Subject Revision Quiz

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Question 1

 A body of 10 N is moving with velocity V. If body moves 10 meter distance in t sec. Find value of force acting on the body. Assume body was initially at rest and final velocity is 3 m/sec.

Question 2

How much percentage increase of permissible stress is allowed when dead load, live load and wind load are considered together in working stress method?

Question 3

Which of the following relation about plastic moment is correct?

Question 4

A bullet of weight 1.4g enters a wooden partition block at a velocity of 955 m/s and 0.003s after entering the block. The average impulsive force (in N) acting on the bullet is ___.

Question 5

A block of mass 100 kg is attached to springs of spring constant K1 = 40 N/m and K2 = 60 N/m. The block is displaced to the left through a distance of 2.5 m. The speed of the block when it passes through it’s original position is ______m/sec.

Question 6

Two forces are acting on a rigid body. The component of   in the direction of (N) is ____

Question 7

A uniform ladder 24 m long weighs 400 N. It is placed against a vertical wall at an angle of 60° with the ground. How far along the ladder can a 1600 N man climb before the ladder is on the verge of slipping? The angle of friction at all contact surfaces is 15°.

Question 8

A smooth sphere of weight W is supported in contact with a smooth vertical wall by string fastened to a point on its surface, the end being attached to a point on a wall. If the length of the string is equal to the radius of sphere, find the tension in the string.

Question 9

A square steel slab base of area 2.25 m2 is provided for a column made of two rolled channel sections. The 450 mm x 450 mm column carries an axial compressive load of 2500 kN. The line of action of the load passes through the centroid of the column section as well as of the slab base. The permissible bending stress in the slab base is 180 MPA. The required minimum thickness of the slab base is _________ mm.

Question 10

A bracket connection is formed as shown in figure using 4 bolts of 20 mm dia and grade 4.6. The service load P (in kN) that can be carried by the connection is
[Use LSM and assume failure to be critical in shear and failure shear plane lies in threaded portion of bolt]

Question 11

A thin hollow box section of 400 mm x 600 mm deep (outer dimensions) with uniform plate thickness of' 10 mm all-round is used for a beam. The plastic modulus of section (Zp) and its shape factor will be

Question 12

The efficiency of a double riveted two strap butt joint, if the main plates are 18 mm thick, diameter of rivet is 22 mm and rivet pitch is 90 mm, is _________%.
[Assume the safe stresses in tension, bearing and shear are 150,300 and 100 N/mm2 respectively]

Question 13

A compound column has been fabricated with 4 angles of ISA 60 x 60 x 8 mm placed at corners of a square. The radius of gyration of angle is 12 mm. The overall slenderness ratio, for the column, is 40. What is the maximum distance (in mm) between lacing bar attached at the fabricated column?

Question 14

A particle of mass 2 kg is travelling at a velocity of 1.5 m/s. A force f(t)=3t2 (in N) is applied to it in the direction of motion for a duration of 2 seconds, where t denotes time in seconds. The velocity (in m/s, up to one decimal place) of the particle immediately after the removal of
the force is________

Question 15

The position vector of a particle is given by 8ti – 1.2t2j - 0.5(t3-1)k, when t = 4 sec, determine the power developed in W by the force 40i-20j -36k in kN which acts on a particle.
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