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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures#9

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Question 1

A simply supported beam with plastic moment capacity 60 kN/m is shown in figure. The collapse load will be _________ kN.

Question 2

For a solid circular section, shape factor is 1.7. The factor of safety in bending is 1.5. If the allowable stress is increased by 25% for wind and earthquake loads, then the load factor is

Question 3

The magnitude of load P is increased till collapse and the plastic moment carrying capacity of steel beam section is 120 kNm. The value of R using plastic analysis is ______ kN.
Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\10_Steel-Structure_BLok_files\image074.png

Question 4

The shape factor for the steel beam section shown in the figure below, is _________.

Question 5

Rectangular section of width b and depth h is stressed up to fy upto a depth of h/4 from both top and bottom fibres under the action of moment M, magnitude of M is – x.(fyb1h2), value of ‘x’ is -

Question 6

What is the ratio of collapse load in a fixed bean of length ‘L’ subjected to point load at centre to the collapse load in a propped cantilever beam of half the length and double the point load at the centre? Assume ‘MP’ to be same for both beams.

(Round of to 2 decimal)

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