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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures#8

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Question 1

The section modulus of a slender section is 800 × 103 mm3. Find the factored moment carrying capacity of the section. Use Fe410 grade steel.

Question 2

The most economical structure for large span and heavy loads is

Question 3

If “P” is wind pressure in kg/cm2, v is the velocity in km/hour and k is constant of proportionality then ____

Question 4

If the slope of a roof truss is 25° (access is not provided except maintenance), the imposed load on the roof truss taken in N/m2 is

Question 5

In a welded plate girder, the web plate connected to flange along both the longitudinal edges. The minimum thickness of web plate of Fe 410 grade steel is required by considering serviceability criteria for un-stiffened plate girder, if the depth of the web plate is 2800 mm.

Question 6

A simply supported beam is subjected to a maximum shear force less than 60% of the design shear strength. The design bending strength of beam for rolled T-section will be _________ kN-m, whose properties are as follows.

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