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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures#7

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Question 1

A steel column in a multi-storeyed building carries an axial load of 230 N. IT is built up of 2 ISMC 350 channels connected by lacing. The lacing carries a load of _______ N.

Question 2

A 12 mm thick-bracket plate is used to transmit a reaction of 125 kN (factored load) at an eccentricity of 75 mm from the column flange. If depth of column is 150 mm, then the bending stress developed will be ________ N/mm2.

Question 3

A solid member is of the crops-section as shown in figure. It is to be used as a column having 4.5 effective length. If maximum slenderness ratio is 220.45, then the value of d is _________ mm.

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements is/are correct about built up column?

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following lacing system is/are not recommended in latticed column?

Question 6

A square steel slab base of area 2.25 m2 is provided for a column made of two rolled channel sections. The 450 mm x 450 mm column carries an axial compressive load of 2500 kN. The line of action of the load passes through the centroid of the column section as well as of the slab base. The permissible bending stress in the slab base is 180 MPA. The required minimum thickness of the slab base is _________ mm.
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