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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures#6

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Question 1

Consider the following statements with reference to 'lug angle’ and select the correct option

I. The connection of member to the gusset plate shall preferably shall in advance of the connection of member to lug angle.

II. In no case, less than two rivets or two bolts shall be used for attaching the lug angle to gusset plate.

III. In case, the main member is a channel section, the channel should be symmetric as far as possible.

Question 2

For the plate shown in the figure given below, determine the strength in net section rupture (in kN) as per LSM. Take ultimate strength of plate to be 410 MPa.

Question 3

A flat tie 200 ISF 20 is carrying tensile loads. There is a possible reversal of stress in the member due to loads other than winds or seismic loading. The limiting length of flat as per IS 800 will be _______ mm.

Question 4

Shear lag effect is

(i) Prominent in which all the elements of a member are not directly connected.

(ii) Can be reduced by decreasing the area of connected leg.

(iii) non uniform stress distribution that occurs in tension member not connected

(iv) Can be reduced by decreasing the length of the outstanding leg.

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 5

A tension member of a bridge truss is subjected to an axial factored tensile force of 450KN and connected to a gusset plate of thickness 22mm using 24mm diameter grade 4.6 bolts in diamond pattern with such gauge and pitch that critical section is having single bolt hole. The minimum thickness of plate required if width of plate 300mm will be? (Use Fe410 grade steel)

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements is/are true in the design criteria of welded/bolted tension member?
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