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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures#3

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Question 1

Two masses connected to a steel wire was passed over a pulley. The masses are 42 N and 24 N. If the mass m1 tends to accelerate upwards. Determine  the rate of change in velocity of mass m2.

Question 2

A small ball of mass 1 kg moving with a velocity of 12 m/s undergoes a direct central impact with a stationary ball of mass 2 kg. The impact is perfectly elastic. The speed (in m/s) of 2 kg mass ball after the impact will be________

Question 3

A block of mass 2 kg is moving on a horizontal frictionless surface with velocity of 1 m/s, towards another block of equal mass initially at rest connected to spring. The other end of spring is fixed to the support. If the spring constant of the spring is 100 N/m, the maximum compression in the spring is

Question 4

Two balls having mass M and 3M are fastened to two light strings of same length L as shown in figure. The other ends of the strings are fixed at O. The strings are kept in same horizontal line and the system is released freely from rest. The magnitude of velocity of the larger ball just after collision is (take coefficient of restitution = ½)

Question 5

A mass m1 with velocity vimpacts with a mass mat rest. After the impact if the mass m1 comes to rest, then the coefficient of restitution ‘e’ should be __________?

Question 6

A 50g particle is moving in a straight line with velocity m/s. Total work done (in J) by all forces during displacement from x = 0 to x = 9m is:-
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