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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures#2

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Question 1

Two masses are attached to the two ends of a cable which passes over two frictionless pulleys as shown in the figure. (Consider acceleration due to gravity as g). The acceleration of the 100 kg mass is

Question 2

The figure shown a body of mass m moving with a velocity v = 10 m/s, under the action of the forces as shown below. If the coefficient of friction between the body and the ground is μ, the work done by the forces on the body per second?

Question 3

A mass of 2 kg is hung by a string of length 1.5m as shown in the figure. The mass revolves in a circular path at 50 revolutions per minute. The tension in the string (in N) is

Question 4

A body, resting on a rough horizontal plane, required a pull of 200 N inclined at 30 ° to the plane just to move it. It was found that a push of 250 N inclined at 30 ° to the plane just moved the body. Find the value of coefficient of friction between the surfaces.

Question 5

There are two blocks connected by a light string placed on the inclined parts of a triangular structure as shown in the figure. The coefficients of static friction is 0.3 at each of the surfaces. The minimum value of ‘M’ for which the system remains at rest is ___ kg.

Question 6

The following figure shows the velocity-time plot for a particle travelling along a straight line. The displacement of the particle from t=0 to t=5s is ______ m.
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