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GATE CE 2022: Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures#1

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Question 1

A weight of 900N is supported by two metallic ropes as shown in the fig. The tension in OB rope is _____N.

Question 2

A ball is supported on a smooth wall by tying a rod. AB = 5cm, AC = 3cm and weight of the ball is 600N. The tension in the tie rod is _____N.

Question 3

An electric light fixture is held with the arrangement shown in the figure. If the weight of the fixture is 1N and the hinge is an ideal one, Then axial force in the bar PR is

Question 4

If moment is balanced, then the value of ‘P’ will be

Question 5

A ring B is held by cables AB, BC and BD (passing over a pulley). Weight applied at the end of cable BD is 500 N. Find the value of T1 in N. Cable BD and BC makes 30 and 45 respectively with horizontal.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

A block has weight of 1000 sinq2. It is hanging in air by support of two ropes as shown in figure. Find value of tension T1 and q2 will be

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