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GATE (CE) 2022: ENGINEERING MECHANICS #4 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

A horizontal rod AB carries three loads of 3.0 kg, 7.0 kg and 10 kg at a distance 2.0 cm, 9 cm and 15 cm respectively from A, where A is hinged. Neglecting the weight of the rod, calculate the distance from A in cm at which total load is applied, so that no moment developes at A.

Question 2

Which of the following are the regions of friction force development in transitioning of the object from rest to motion

Question 3

A 6m length ladder is resting against a wall making an angle of 45° to it having coefficient of friction is 0.4 . What is the horizontal force required to be applied at bottom end to avoid slipping of ladder wt of ladder is 200 N and floor is smooth.

Question 4

Figure shows a single degree of freedom system. The system consists of a massless rigid bar OP hinged at 0 and a mass m at end P. The natural frequency of vibration of the system is

Question 5

The reaction at support A in the following cantilever truss is?

Question 6

Find the moment of inertia of a section if square portion is removed, along the centroidal x axis. Radius of the circle is 2 unit

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