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Question 1

Which one is most suitable in extreme cold climates?

Question 2

Which of the following statements are correct?
1) Tensile test of cement is performed on the cubes of size 70.6 mm.
2) Tensile strength of ordinary portland cement should not be less than 2.5 N/mm2 at the age of 7 days.
3) The compressive strength of cylindrical specimen is more than cubical specimen.
4) Specific gravity of portland cement should be 3.15.

Question 3

Loss in profit in a project is included in?

Question 4

Assertion (A): In double laced system of a built-up column, cross member perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the column is not used.

Reason (R): Lacing bars are used to share the axial load on the strut.

Question 5

A cantilever of 6 m length carries a uniformly varying load of 4 kN/m with zero at the fixed end and maximum intensity at the free end. Find the support reaction and moment induced at A

Question 6

In a test conducted for determining the relative stability at 37 °C, the relative stability is found to be 96.06%. The period of incubation was ________ days.

Question 7

A rectangular open channel has a width of 5m and a bed slope of 0.001. For a uniform flow of depth 2m, the velocity is 2m/s. The Manning’s roughness coefficient for the channel is

Question 8

A pre-cast wooden pile is being driven with 50 kN drop hammer having a free fall of 100 cm. Penetration in the last blow of hammer was 0.45 cm. What is the ultimate load carrying capacity of the pile according to ENR formula.

Question 9

For an average rainfall magnitude at station A is equal to or greater than 25cm in 24 hour, if the recurrence period is 5 years the probability of occurrence of rainfall is ______

Question 10

The study of sediment transportation is necessary for

Question 11

For the network shown below, the critical path is ?

Question 12

The following data pertains to the number of commercial vehicles per day for the design of a flexible pavement for a national highway as per IRC: 37-1984
Type of commercial Number of vehicles per day
Vehicle Damage Factor
Vehicle considering the number of lanes
Two axle trucks 2000 5
Tandem axle trucks 200 6
Assuming a traffic growth factor of 7.5% per annum for both the types of vehicles, the cumulative number of standard axle load repetitions (in million) for a design life of ten years is

Question 13

The development length of a deformed reinforcement bar can be expressed at (1/K).
From the IS: 456–2000, the value of k can be calculated as ________.

Question 14

A cantilever beam fixed at left support is resisting the concentrated point load the free end. The sectional properties changes for the beam at the mid-half. The plastic modulus for the right half span is Mp and 2 Mp for the remaining portion. The magnitude of the concentrated load that would result in collapse is given by ________

Question 15

The initial velocity of an object is 20 m/sec. The acceleration a of the object is given by following expension a = - 0.2 V.

Where v is the instantaneous velocity of the object. The velocity of the object after 5 sec……

Question 16Multiple Correct Options

If the 5-day BOD for a wastewater sample is observed to be 200 mg/l at 20°C. If the deoxygenation constant at 20°C is 0.1, which of the following statements are true for the above cases?

Question 17

A flow field is given by u=y2 , v=-xy, w = 0. Value of the z-component of the angular velocity (in radians per unit time, up to two decimal places) at the point (0, -1, 1) is ________.

Question 18

In a 6 m thick stratum of fine sand having submerged density of 11 kN/m3, quick sand condition occurred at a depth of 4.2 m of excavation. What is the depth of lowering of ground water table (in m) required for making an excavation 5 m deep?
[Take density of water as 10 kN/m3]

Question 19

A DRH due to storm over a basin has a time base of 80 hours with straight line portions of hydrograph with flow rates of 0, 10, 60, 80, 30 and 0 m3/s at elapsed duration of 0, 10, 30, 40, 60 and 80 hours, respectively. The catchment area is 250 km2. What is the rainfall excess (in cm) in the storm?

Question 20

The medium size of the sediment particles in an alluvial channel is 0.4 mm. For a discharge of 4 m3/sec, the lacey regime slope and the mean flow velocity in the channel are

Question 21

An RC column, built with M25 grade concrete, of square cross-section (500 × 500 mm2) is subjected to a factored load of 937.5 kN. Use column load-moment interaction diagram as shown in figure below.

The maximum uniaxial eccentricity (in mm) for safe application of load will be

Question 22

What is the net downward load to be considered for analysis of the prestressed concrete beam provided with a linear cable is shown in fig. bellow

Question 23

The viscosity and unit weight of the percolating fluid are reduced to 67% and 93% respectively due to rise in temperature. If other thing remains constant, the coefficient of permeability will be

Question 24Multiple Correct Options

A 12 m thick layer of relatively impervious saturated clay lies over a gravel aquifer. Piezometer tubes introduced to the gravel layer shows an artesian pressure condition with the water level standing in the tubes 3m above the top surface of the clay stratum. If the properties of the clay are e = 1.2 & G = 2.7 then

Question 25

A carpenter glues a pair of cylindrical wooden logs by bonding their end faces at an angle of θ = 30degrees as shown in the figure

The glue used at the interface fails if

Criterion 1; the maximum normal stress exceeds 3.5 MPa.

Criterion 2; the maximum shear stress exceeds 1.5 Mpa.

Assume that the interface falls before the logs fail.

When a uniform tensile stress of 4MPa is applied, the interface.

Question 26

Consider the structural system shown in the figure under the action of weight W. All the joints are hinged. The properties of the members in terms of length (L), area (A) and the modulus of elasticity (E) are also given in the figure. Let L, A and E be 1 m, 0.05 m2 and 30 × 106 N/m2, respectively, and W be 100 kN.

Which one of the following sets gives the correct values of the force, stress and change in length of the horizontal member QR?

Question 27

The load system in figure crosses a grider 25 m span with 120 kN leading. The absolute maximum bending moment (in kN-m) on the grider is

Question 28Multiple Correct Options

The following observations were made during the testing of a dumpy level.

The true difference between the station A and the station B = x (in meters), and the collimation adjustments required for the instrument reading = y.

Which of the following options are correct?

Question 29

The stresses at interior region of a cement concrete pavement, using Westergard’s stream equation, using the following data:

Wheel load = 3600 kg

Radius of contact area = 11 cm

Modulus of elasticity of cement concrete E = 3.3 x 105 kg/cm2

Modulus of subgrade reaction K = 25 kg/cm3

Poisson’s ratio of subgrade = 0.14

Pavement thickness = 16 cm

Question 30

What is the true bearing of line AB? If the magnetic bearing for AB is N 25° W and the declination observed at the station is 5° 45’ West?
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