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Question 1

The penetration value of a bitumen sample tested at 25 °C is 80. When this sample is heated to 60 °C and tested again, the needle of the penetration test apparatus penetrates the bitumen sample by d mm. The value of d CANNOT be less than _____ mm.

Question 2

Blast furnace slag has approximately

Question 3

Lime mortar mixing is done in

Question 4

Which of the following is a correct representation?

Question 5

The expected time of a project is 24 days. What is the probability of completion of the project within 4 weeks taking the standard deviation 4 days?
What is the project duration which have 93% chance of completion?
( for 93% probablity Z=1.5 )

Question 6

Match the information related to test on aggregates given in Group-I with that in Group-II.
P. Resistance to impact
Q. Resistance to wear
R. Resistance to weathering action
S. Resistance to crushing
1) Hardness
2) Strength
3) Toughness
4) Soundness

Question 7

Statement-I : When plastering on building exteriors, more of coarser particles of sand are used in regions where seasonal rainfall is often intense and the total annual rainfall also is relatively more.

Statement-II : Such type of ‘dhabbah’ plastering effects the minimization of rainfall impacts resulting in less formation of mosses and less surface discoloration but may not reduce seepage to the interior.

Question 8

In mild steel specimens subjected to tensile test cycle, the elastic limit in tension is raised and the elastic limit in compression is lowered, This is called

Question 9

Which of the following is an ODD one as regards ‘requirements of good brick-earth?

Question 10

When a first class brick is immersed in cold water for 24 hours, it should not absorb water by weight more than

Question 11

A project has 3 activities A, B, and C in series. The time estimates(in days) for three activities are as follows

The standard deviation for the project is

Question 12

The expected completion time of a project follows a normal distribution, with a mean of 21 days and a standard deviation of 4 days. The probability that the project will be completed in between 22 to 25 days is _________ % [Correct to three decimal places]

Question 13

Consider the following break even chart, the term A is.

Question 14

Consider following statements regarding various costs associated with a project:

(i) For any project, direct cost is increased when project duration is reduced.

(ii) Indirect cost increases with increase in project duration.

(iii) Crashing of a network decreases the direct cost.

(iv) Crashing of a network increases the indirect cost.

Correct statement (s) is/are:

Question 15

Which one of the following is the objective in crashing?
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