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GATE CE 2020 Engineering Mechanics Quiz 2

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Question 1

A wheel of radius r rolls without slipping on a horizontal surface shown below. If the velocity of point P is 10 m/s in the horizontal direction, the magnitude of velocity of point Q (in m/s) is _________

Question 2

Concurrent force system is the system when:

Question 3

Two forces are acting on a rigid body. The component of   in the direction of (N) is ____

Question 4

The magnitudes of vectors P, Q and R are 100 kN, 250 kN and 150 kN, respectively as shown in the figure.

The respective values of the magnitude (in kN) and the direction (with respect to the x-axis) of the resultant vector are

Question 5

What is the stress at the section x – x for the bar ABCD with uniform cross-section 1000 mm2?

Question 6

A ladder AB of length 5 m and weight (W) 600 N is resting against a wall. Assuming frictionless contact at the floor B and the wall (A), the magnitude of the force P (in newton) required to maintain the equilibrium of the ladder is __________.

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