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GATE CE 2020 Engineering Mechanics Quiz 1 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

The ratio of Static Friction to Dynamic friction is always(when the object in motion)

Question 2

For a linear elastic structural system, minimization of potential energy yields

Question 3

The symmetry of stress tensor at a point in the body under equilibrium is obtained from

Question 4

A particle moves along a curve whose parametric equations are : x=t3 + 2t, y=-3e-2t and z = 2 sin (5t), where x, y and z show variations of the distance covered by the particle (in cm) with time t (in s). The magnitude of the acceleration of the particle (in cm/s2) at t = 0 is _________ cm2/s

Question 5

A box of weight 100 kN shown in the figure is to be lifted without swinging. If all forces are coplanar, the magnitude and direction (θ) of the force (F) with respect to x–axis should be

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Question 6

On a circular curve, the rate of super elevation is e. While negotiating the curve a vehicle comes to a stop. It is seen that the stopped vehicle does not slide inwards (in the radial direction). The coefficient of side friction is f. Which of the following is true :
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