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GATE 2025 Analog Circuits Quiz 9

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Question 1

In a transistor amplifier, change of 0.025V in signal voltage causes the base current to change by 15 µA and collector current by 1.2 mA. If collector and load resistances are of 6kΩ and 12kΩ, determine input resistance in kΩ.

Question 2

For the transistor biasing shown below, the value of the stability factor S is ________. Given β of Transistor is 50.

Question 3

For the DC analysis of the Common-Emitter amplifier shown, neglect the base current and assume that the emitter and collector current are equal. Given that VT =25mV, VBE =0.7V, and the BJT output resistance r0 is practically infinite. Under these conditions, the Midband voltage gain magnitude.
Ac = |V0/Vi|V/V, is _____

Question 4

Two identical transistors are cascaded as follows with β=100. The overall voltage gain would be

2020-03-12.png (1779×939)

Question 5

The switch S in the circuit of the figure is initially closed. It is opened at time t = 0. You many neglect the Zener diode forward voltage drops. What is the behavior of for t > 0?
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