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GATE 2024 Subject Name Foundation Quiz 64

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Question 1

The op amp configuration shown below has following transfer function  s. The feedback resistance used has 1.5 MΩ , the value of capacitance will be ___________ µf.

Question 2

The following circuit has R = 10kΩ, C = 10μF. The input voltage is a sinusoid at 50Hz with an rms value of 10V. Under ideal conditions, the current is from the source is

Question 3

For an op-amp based standard RC phase shift oscillator, the frequency of oscillations is:

Question 4

A voltage Controlled oscillator is designed by using a varactor diode as shown in figure. Capacitance of diode is considered to be 0.5 μF. Calculate the frequency of oscillator in kHz?

Question 5

The Hartley oscillator shown in figure. The mutual inductance between L1 and L2 is M = 20 μH, what is the value of frequency for oscillations (in KHz)?

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