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GATE 2024 Subject Name Foundation Quiz 63

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Question 1

Consider the circuit shown below.
If op-amps in the circuit are ideal, then which of the following option is correct?

Question 2

Consider the following circuit:

Input impedance(in kΩ) seen by the voltage source is:

Question 3

Study the circuit shown in the figure below

A current controlled current source (CCCS) is designed by using of an ideal op-amp circuit. If the output current Io of the circuit which is measured across the load resistance RL is related to the input as I0=Ii/C then the value of C is equal to

Question 4

The switch S in the circuit of the figure is initially closed. It is opened at time t = 0. You many neglect the Zener diode forward voltage drops. What is the behavior of for t > 0?

Question 5

Consider the circuit shown in the figure. In this circuit R = 1 kΩ and C = 1 μF. The input voltage is sinusoidal with a frequency of 50 Hz, represented as a phasor with magnitude Vi and phase angle 0 radian as shown in the figure. The output voltage is represented as a phasor with magnitude V0 and phase angle δ radian. What is the value of the output phase angle δ (in radian) relative to the phase angle of the input voltage?
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